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ULI Austin's Young Leaders Group has a simple vision that it will strive to achieve in 2008 - to enrich, both personally & professionally, the lives of our members. Our goals are to 1) offer our members access to ongoing mentoring from today's real estate leaders in a casual and candid environment where lessons learned and personal anecdotes can be shared, 2) help further educate and share information with one another about the dynamic business we are in 3) provide unprecedented behind the scenes access to the most notable real estate projects of the day with insights from the visionaries who conceived them, 4) help recruit new ULI members and ingratiate them into ULI while identifying and training future ULI leaders. We believe that you will find the YLG experience to be content rich providing for a wide array of take away value while also being a great forum for building relationships and having fun with your peers in the industry.

We are actively looking for more volunteers to help us stage our events and hope that folks will share in our enthusiasm about the opportunity ULI's Young Leaders Group affords to it members to make a difference, even early on in their careers, within the Greater Austin Area real estate community. We would welcome your participation and hope that you will take the time to get involved. 

Stuart Sampley
(512) 771-8856

Vice Chair:
Elizabeth Richard
(512) 474-8548

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